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dreamofquixotic's Journal

Dedicated Living Room Scrabble Enthusiasts
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15x15, alfred butts, anagramming, anagrams, ax, being smart, bingoing, bingos, board games, challenges, cheat sheets, eight-letter words, ex, fourth edition scrabble dictionary, g.i. joel, hasbro, hating c's, hating v's, high-scoring words, joe edley, ka, ki, leave, lexiko, living room players, loving your x, marlon hill, matt graham, memorizing words, metagrams.com, national scrabble tournament, not being experts, obscure words, ospd, ox, points, pretending we're experts, q and u together, qat, qi, quixotic, racks, satine, scoring, scrabble, scrabble dictionary, scrabble enthusiasts, seven-letter words, sowpods, stefan fatsis, studying the dictionary, that's a word?!, tiles, triple word scores, trivial pursuit sucks, tupping, two-letter words, word freak, word games, words, words no one uses, x being the bestletterever, xi, xu, za, zen being a word